Coach Interview: Richard Fairman

Richard Fairman is a hockey coach based in Raphoe County Donegal. He has been coaching for 9 years and currently works with up and coming youngsters in Ulster Hockey's talent programme. Richard was recently recognised for his hard work on the pitch being named North West Coach of the Year. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on coaching and winning the award.  



What does it mean to you to win the award?

Its quite humbling to be deemed worthy of the award.

How would you describe your coaching methods/ Philosophy?

My philosophy is to create more opportunities than your opponent, the rest is down to percentages for and against, and alot of hard work by your players.

What skills are required to be a top coach?

If we had the answer to that all would be top coaches, I believe in three things:

1 - Dont fear being wrong, you will never learn more.
2 - Be prepared to adapt, in your head it may be great but in practice it may need to be changed.
3 - Be a sponge, soak up all information and knowledge you can, then drip it out to all in an appropriate constructive manner.

And the big one that is so important, a really understanding partner.

How important is the role of the coach in helping to improve sport?

Massive, it can be the difference between keeping people involved in the sport or losing them.

What piece of advice has helped you to improve your coaching?

You can have all the information and knowledge in the world, its how you use it that makes the difference!

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