Coach Interview: Kathleen McNaught

Kathleen Mc Naught recently won North West Young Coach of the Year, Her sport is Judo and she has been coaching for year and half to 2 years. We interviewed Kathleen to get her thoughts on coaching. Her was her response:
What does it mean to you to win the award?
This award means alot as their is loads of young people in the community doing their bit for their own clubs, but our club is very young and I am one of the oldest ones so it has set a great example to the younger ones in the club. An hopefully will inspire them to help out in the classes when they get to my age.
How would you describe your coaching methods/ philosophy?
Make it as fun as possible and make it a postitive experience for the kids. At the end of they day they have to feel like they have learned something new and had fun, but they havent had an information overload. The more games you bring in that is realvent to the sport or that specfic throw or hold down. The quicker they will learn it.
What skills are required to be a top coach?
Patience is massive, if you dont have the patience to go through throws or holds and break it down to the age group or to help them if their struggling, then the kids will never understand how do the technique.
Organisation- Having a session plan is key to running a successful session, without it then usually the class is very messy and never goes right.
Confidence- Being able to know what your doing and having the belief you can take the class will help you feel better as a coach
Support- Without the support of my own coaches helping me and letting me take a class i probably would not even be coaching. I can also ask their advice on different techniques that are suitable for the age group. They have been massive role in my progression as a coach
How important is the role of the coach in helping to improve sport?
Probably the most important ingredient  in the progression of your sport, they know how to perfect it as they have been in that situation or it worked for them. My own coaches have not only helped me in my coaching career but my competition career, without their guidance or support at the edge of mat, i know i would of be in some sticky situations. They also give you the motivation to achieve your best and they want to see you do well in your sport.
What piece of advice has helped you to improve your coaching? 
2 pieces of information I was given when i very first started:
Its all about the kids! Coaching is not about what an you do or how good it looks its wether or not the child can actually do it. If they cant do it then either the technique is to advanced or wasnt broken down properly.
Make it fun! The more games and fun you bring into the session that is specific to the technique then the kkids will elarn it quicker as they just see it as a game.
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