North West Coaching and Club Development Plan 2013-17

It is evidently clear that coaching and clubs are central to the development of sport. The North West Coaching Network (NWCN) was established to address the needs of coaching and clubs on a regional basis. Building a regional system which communicates national developments at a local level has been the focus of the NWCN since its formation in June 2010. The employment by Sport Northern Ireland of a Coach Education & Club Development Consultant to co-ordinate, direct and build capacity is creating new sporting opportunities for a range of

In the past three years (2010-2013) the NWCN has taken a strategic, needs led approach to the development of coaching and club sport. The programmes and activities during that period are summarised in this report along with the future direction of the network. A plan for the delivery of the various upcoming programmes is listed in an operational framework. This operational framework has been agreed by each of the Network partners in order to better serve coaches and clubs both locally and regionally.

The NW Coaching and Club Development Plan will specifically define the coaching needs throughout the North West and provide the clubs based in the region with the capacity to develop and support the delivery of quality coaching and good governance within their infrastructures. The implementation of the training and development programmes highlighted within the plan will make a
significant impact on the current provision for coaching in the region

For a full copy of the plan, visit the coaching resources section.