Coach Resources

This coaching resources section provides a wealth of coaching information to support and further develop coaching in Northern Ireland.

Quality Coaches, Quality Clubs, Better Athletes and More Participants
Have you ever wondered how some athletes can be so explosive when turning on the sports field? This paper by MSc student Kevin Gallagher describes the mechanical and biological mechanisms of plyometrics by examining the countermovement jump.
Ever had that stiff, dull aching feeling that lasts for a few days follows high intensity activity? What causes the pain? Is there any injury? How will it impact on my activities? This short paper by MSc student Kevin Gallagher, explains the symptoms that contribute to this pain.
True Spirit of Sport This resource is primarily aimed at sport players/athletes. It contains information on alcohol-related harms in N. Ireland & Ireland, the negative impact of alcohol on sporting performance, nutrition, drinking culture in sports and the role of athletic identity
Building the Spirit of Sport This resource is primarily aimed at sport coaches/clubs. It contains information on alcohol-related harms as well as the important role that clubs can play in promoting a responsible approach to alcohol including having appropriate alcohol policies and building connection with local drug/alcohol agencies.
This fact sheet looks at the importance of Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy, and how they can effect Life Long involvement in Sport and Physical Activity. “Children who lack the Fundamental movement skills are likely to experience frustration and difficulty learning more advanced skills, thereby reducing their enjoyment of sport and physical activity” For further information visit:
An interesting item on mentoring by the Australian Sports Commision.
A Guide to Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Plans for Sports Coaches
The All-Island Coaching Strategy for Ireland